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  • COVID-19, Air Pollution and Mental Illness: Heads of the Same "Beast"? [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):172-173.Balducci PM, Menculini G, … Tortorella A
  • The Covid-19 outbreak are generating relevant consequences under several aspects. Covid-19 pandemic together with air pollution and a dysfunctional anthropization/urbanization might affect public and mental health with a synergistic effect. The current paper explore hypothesis about existing links among Covid-19, air pollution and mental illness.
  • The Socio-Sexual Experiences in Southern Italians during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Clustering Analysis. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):169-171.Juli MR, Vaccaro MG, … Aversa A
  • The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically impacted on socioeconomic structure, individual freedom, general wellbeing, psychological health and sexuality. Indeed, social distancing, home confinement and the fear of contagion have reduced the possibility of romantic encounters thus influencing sexual activity, desire and behavior and, consequently, modifying socio-sexual experiences. The aim of this s…
  • Suicidal Phenomenon in Pandemic Times. The Trentino's Reality. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):164-168.di Napoli WAR
  • Suicide is a major public health problem; according to the latest WHO data, it is among the top twenty causes of death in the world. After the sudden and unexpected spreading of a global pandemic in 2020, many mental health researchers have launched alarms about a possible suicide rates' rise, due to the inevitable consequences of the ongoing social and health emergency. However, recent articles …
  • Suicidality and COVID-19: Data from an Emergency Setting in Italy. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):158-163.Menculini G, Moretti P, … Tortorella A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The present study confirms the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on suicide-related phenomena. Consultation psychiatry fulfills a key role in the early detection and clinical management of these conditions, that require targeted intervention strategies.
  • Video Games and COVID-19: How Do Lockdown And addiction Interact? [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):152-157.Tavormina MGM, Tavormina R
  • The global epidemic of COVID-19, social isolation and the fear of viral contagion have determined and determine profound changes in social relations between people. The purpose of this research, carried out online on published scientific studies, on information from magazines, accredited websites, books and newspapers, was to consider the possible interactions between the lockdown, the use of vid…
  • An Epidepic in the Pandemic: The Most Difficult Challenge for Young Adolescents. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):142-147.Juli MR, Juli G, Juli R
  • The pandemic due to COVID-19 has had a huge psychological impact on individuals all over the world, in particular the international literature is noting an increase in pathologies among children and adolescents adolescenti (Pappa et al. 2020, Keles et al. 2020, Pigaiani et al. 2020, Solmi et al. 2021). Adolescence is a time when individuals observe physical changes in their bodies, experience new…
  • Clinical Features in Russian Patients with COVID-Associated Parosmia/Phanthosmia. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):130-136.Kopishinskaia S, Lapshova D, … Voznesenskaia V
  • CONCLUSIONS: Qualitative olfactory disorders occur frequently in COVID-19 patients. Those with the parosmia/phanthosmia phenotype have a higher risk for other symptoms, notably headache (including migraine with aura), fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, and cardiovascular/autonomic manifestations, as well as allergy. We suppose that further investigation of this phenomenon will reveal phenotypic variants depending on particular symptoms cluster; improved nosology of qualitative olfactory disorders in COIVD-19 is a prerequisite for establishing appropriate treatments.
  • Study of Dignity in Borderline Contexts: Perspectives and Critical Issues. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):86-87.Perito M
  • In 2020 Dignity Therapy Protocol was administered to the patients taken in charge by Avellino Ser. D (Addiction services of Avellino healthcare unit) for addiction problems and assigned to U.E.P.E. (Office of External Enforcement) on parole and to complete the full term of sentence. Before and after administering Dignity Therapy Protocol, Beck Depression Inventory was used in order to evaluate th…
  • New Therapeutic Strategies for Eating Disorders and Obesity Treatment. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):84-85.Juli L, Juli R, … Juli MR
  • Eating disorders are disabling, deadly, and costly mental disorders that considerably impair physical health and disrupt psychosocial functioning. Disturbed attitudes towards weight, body shape, and eating play a key role in the origin and maintenance of eating disorders. Eating disorders have been increasing over the past 50 years and changes in the food environment have been implicated. All hea…
  • Inpatient with an Anxious School Refusal: A Retrospective Study. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):69-74.Al Husni Al Keilani M, Delvenne V
  • CONCLUSIONS: We confirmed that patient with anxious school refusal that need inpatient care were usually male, with more complex psychopathologies in term of comorbidities and familial maltreatment or psychiatric loading. They also have much more peers and school problems.
  • Eating Disorders and Psychofarmachology: Rethink the Treatment of Eating Disorders. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):63-68.Mendolicchio L, Apicella E, Ventura E
  • The pharmacological approach to eating disorders (ED) is effective in a few conditions, and to date, no treatment has shown certain efficacy in treating patients with this disorder. Furthermore, attempts to regulate hunger and satiety through modulation pharmacological effects of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides have shown only short-term benefit. However, in light of the serious impact of DCA…
  • Pathological Narcissism. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):35-40.Stranieri G, De Stefano L, Greco AG
  • Thus, having become very famous in the cities of Aonia, the one (Tiresias) gave irrefutable responses to those who consulted him. The first to test the authenticity of his words was the blue Lirìope, whom Cefiso had one day pushed into a bend in his current, imprisoned in the waves and raped. When she got pregnant, the beautiful nymph gave birth to a child who aroused love from birth, and called …
  • Endophenotype and Psychiatry: an Interesting Combination. [Review]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):26-29.Juli G, Juli R, Juli L
  • The endophenotype is a measurable component which is characterized as an intermediate part of the path existing between the genotype and phenotype of a disease. In the context of psychiatric pathologies, an endophenotype is such if it shares inheritable variations with it, if it is evident both during the active and inactive phases of the pathology, if it is co-transmitted in the family, and if i…
  • Intolerance of Uncertainty: From Transdiagnostic Model to Clinical Management. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):22-25.Amici P
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out in some individuals an intolerance of uncertainty in their current circumstances. Intolerance of uncertainty is a transdiagnostic process that envisages future events as threatening and undesirable, with which the individual has little or no ability to cope. This makes such individuals more vulnerable to worry and negative emotions, as well as to developing v…
  • Psychiatry through a Screen: Adapting Training for a New Reality? [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):18-21.Ramjan F, Baird K, Butler S
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way psychiatry is taught. Both the formal teaching components and the clinical placements pivoted to run in a virtual world. Students learnt psychiatry through a screen, either through online teaching sessions or remote clinical activity. Two medical students passionate to pursue a career in psychiatry (KB, FR) reflected with an undergraduate…
  • Loneliness and Hopelesness: Their Role in the Depressive Cases during the COVID Pandemia. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):14-17.Franza F, Solomita B, Tavormina G
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has created new problems and presented new challenges for its management. Hope, or rather its absence, social isolation and loneliness are considered risk factors for the development of anxious and depressive symptoms. Health authorities have had to address issues regarding the mental health risks that the pandemic has created. There is numerous scientific evidences of the i…
  • Can We Compare the Behaviour of the Zazous in the 1940s and Adolescents during the COVID-19 Crisis? [Review]
    Psychiatr Danub. 2021 Sep; 33(Suppl 9):11-13.De Weer C, Zdanowicz N, Dubois T
  • CONCLUSIONS: We argue that, in both cases, the dominant oppressive atmosphere has fostered similar behaviours and mental mechanisms. We therefore recommend that, rather than demonising young people, efforts should be made to include them in decision-making processes, in order to improve their understanding of the situation and encourage them to feel included.
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