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McGraw-Hill Medical’s Diagnosaurus®

Differential Diagnosis Tool

Diagnosaurus® is a valuable quick reference tool that contains over 1,000 differential diagnoses. Available for iOS and Android, this application helps healthcare professionals reach accurate diagnoses with speed and confidence at the point of care.


Author: Roni F. Zeiger, MD


Diagnosaurus® allows you to quickly search over 1,000 differential diagnoses by organ system, symptom, disease, or you can view all entries. The valuable "See Related DDx" feature within each listing helps you consider alternative diagnoses and quickly link to those entries. Convenient "Favorites" feature allows you to save specific searches and bookmark into a personal archive. The tool trusted by thousands of health care professionals including physicians, nurses, and students is available for iOS and Android.

Features of Mc-Graw-Hill Medical’s Diagnosaurus® include:

  • More than 1000 differential diagnoses
  • Disease, symptom, or organ system searching
  • Personalized favorites
  • Cross Links connect related entries
  • Optimized interface each platform

System requirements for each supported platform.
iOS devices running iOS v.6.0 or higher (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) Carrier Data Plan or on-device WiFi
Android devices running OS 4.0 or higher Memory cards supported Carrier Data Plan or
on-device WiFi

Download or view a demonstration

iPhone and iPod touch iPhone/ iPod touch with wireless connectionDemo
iPhone and iPod touch iPad with wireless connectionDemo
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