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The Merck Manual Professional Edition

Expert Disease Coverage

The Merck Manual Professional Edition presents the 19th edition of the world’s most widely-used medical reference written by more than 300 expert clinicians.


1 year subscription - details

Editors: Robert S. Porter, MD and Justin L. Kaplan, MD


The Merck Manual Professional Edition lets you download and take the world’s most widely-used medical reference wherever you go. The companion website, The Merck Manual Professional Edition, allows you to access disease information while at your computer.

Written by more than 300 expert clinicians, this proven resource now features expanded sections and new information on treating geriatric patients. Intuitive built-in navigation helps you quickly retrieve and review diagnostic and treatment information.

Frequent updates are delivered automatically. With Unbound Medicine’s unique mobile platform you can refer to the latest information from The Merck Manual anywhere.

Which Merck Manual is Right for You?
The Merck Manual
Regular updates to The Merck Manual
The Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms
Davis’s Drug Guide
Automatic drug updates
Evaluation and initial treatment of 88 presenting symptoms
Cross Link navigation to related content
Comprehensive drug database
Drug-drug and drug-natural product interactions
Mobile app with downloaded content
Web access
Mobile web access

Mobile Features of The Merck Manual include:

  • Disease coverage by 300 experts
  • Frequent updates
  • Interface optimized for each device
  • Universal Index Search - find topics across all indexes
  • Personalized favorites

Web Features

  • Personal archive for searches and important entries
  • One year of web access included

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System requirements for each supported platform.
iOS devices running iOS v.6.0 or higher (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) Carrier Data Plan or on-device WiFi
Android devices running OS 4.0 or higher Memory cards supported Carrier Data Plan or
on-device WiFi
Web browser All major web browsers
(e.g. - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) Smartphones with web access
Minimal Internet connection

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