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Unbound Scenarios helps nurse educators teach clinical judgment by taking students on a guided journey to gain the experience and confidence required to be a trusted nurse.

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Innovating with Care

Driven by compassion and joy, Unbound Medicine innovates at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and education (MedEdTech). Combining emerging technology, thoughtful guidance, and decades of expertise, we empower the healthcare community to provide the best care and improve lives.

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Next Generation Nursing Education

Nursing Central is the premier teaching and learning platform for institutions preparing today’s student nurses for professional practice.

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Pathways to Inclusive Nursing

Learn how to incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices into your pedagogy. Unbound Medicine hosts Tiffany Gibson, Clinical Nurse Educator, and Healthcare Diversity & Inclusion Specialist while she walks you through the role of the nurse educator in DEI and strategies to enhance curriculum and practice.

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Free COVID-19 Guidance from Johns Hopkins Experts

Coronavirus topics found in the ABX (Antibiotic) Guide are updated regularly and available to the public during the pandemic.

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