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Unbound Medicine Provides Free COVID-19 Guidance to Nursing Education Community

In an effort to respond to the continually changing global emergency of COVID-19 and to help support the nurse education community, Unbound Medicine is offering a special edition of their best-selling application Nursing Central™.

This special edition is being offered free to all nursing programs and includes:

  • Disaster Nursing, authored by the foremost expert in emergency nursing Dr. Tener Godwin Veenema, includes an updated COVID-19 topic and comprehensive coverage of nearly every disaster situation presented from a nursing perspective.
  • Coronavirus Guidelines (CVG), published and updated frequently by Unbound Medicine, carefully chooses the latest guidance on topics addressing symptoms, epidemic curves, vaccination developments, treatment updates, and more from sources including CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the primary literature.
  • Prime PubMed connects you to the most up-to-date journal citations and abstracts from the complete National Library of Medicine database. Prime also provides a number of exclusive tools such as visual exploration (Grapherence®), article recommendations (ForYou), and alerts when new articles are published in your area of interest.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Healthcare and this includes how nursing students learn and train as they enter a very challenging workforce. Unbound Medicine has provided this custom resource to hundreds of nursing schools serving tens of thousands of students at no cost.

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