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Unbound Medicine Launches Upgrade to Study System using Artificial Intelligence

Grasp™ Leverages Unbound Intelligence™, a Proven Study Method, and the Community to Help Learners Acquire Knowledge

Unbound Intelligence Helps with GraspCHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - SEPTEMBER 9, 2021Unbound Medicine®, a leader in knowledge management solutions for healthcare, today announced a major upgrade to Grasp™, their personal mobile study system. Integrating curated content, proven study methods, and a community sharing component, Grasp helps learners memorize and understand new concepts. This latest version utilizes Unbound Intelligence™ (UBI), exclusive artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools developed to help clinicians discover and fill knowledge gaps, as well as keep up to date with current research.

Flashcards have long been used to help students actively memorize and recall information—with Grasp, this popular study method gets an update to support today’s learners. The modern-day learner is independent and on the go, craving efficiency and social learning opportunities. Grasp was developed to support those needs, allowing students to create and study flashcards anywhere, anytime, as well as share them with peers for a collaborative learning experience. Educators can also employ Grasp as an innovative teaching tool to prepare students for upcoming material and evaluate knowledge acquisition.

The integration of Unbound Intelligence adds another layer of sophistication to Grasp. When users create new flashcards, they now have the option to auto-generate cards using UBI, populating the deck with relevant recommendations for cards that fit their study needs. It helps users expand their knowledge beyond the basics by suggesting relevant cards they may have missed, allowing for more comprehensive and wide-reaching study material.

“After using Grasp for many years in the classroom, it is exciting to see the improvements that Unbound has added to the tool,” explained Dr. Liz Robison, Simulation Center Coordinator & Professor of Nursing at Northwest Florida State College. “The new auto-generate feature makes it easier than ever to create flashcards for my students—using the most up-to-date, trusted information—to better equip them in their futures as practitioners.”

“Artificial intelligence is changing the way we seek and find answers to the most pressing clinical questions, and thereby improving patient care,” said Bill Detmer, MD, CEO of Unbound Medicine. “By integrating UBI into the Grasp study system, we are empowering the next generation of trainees, clinicians, and educators to meet the ever-evolving field of healthcare head-on.”

UBI has already been implemented across other areas of the Unbound platform. Literature searching, NCLEX, and CME testing, and in-content topic suggestions are all areas that have benefitted from the cutting-edge technology of UBI, helping students and clinicians alike spend less time searching for answers and more time filling knowledge gaps. The addition of UBI to the Grasp study system marks a further integration of Artificial Intelligence to the Unbound Platform.

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