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Unbound Medicine Launches Next Generation Literature Search and Tracking Application

Mobile, Local, Visual, and Personal Delivery of Primary Literature

Unbound Medicine supports practitioners by providing evidence from primary literature at the point of need. Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, Unbound Medicine has created search interfaces and journal tracking products using the content available from the National Library of Medicine. Unbound’s leadership team was instrumental in creating the first web interface to MEDLINE along with full-text linking algorithms for easier access to the literature.

Prime PubMed is the next step in Unbound’s vision of integrating evidence from primary literature into the summary content and practice. Replacing its predecessor Unbound MEDLINE, Prime’s cutting-edge feature set strives to impact education, research, and clinical care positively.

Prime PubMed’s Features:

  • Mobile: Search or browse the full PubMed database on any smartphone or tablet using Unbound’s award-winning interface.
  • Local: Optimize the library’s journal investment by seamlessly integrating branded links to view full-text articles.
  • Visual: View the influence and interrelationships between journal articles using Grapherence®, Unbound’s exclusive interactive search capability.
  • Personal: Personalize with Prime ForYou which delivers customized lists of articles based on users interests and fields of research or study.

Prime PubMed is available for free on the web and in the Apple® iTunes and GooglePlay™ (Android) app stores. Integrated into many Unbound products such as uCentral™ and Nursing Central™, the inclusion of Prime PubMed provides instant access to current medical information by linking from references to the citation, tracking specific journals, or by giving users the ability to search PubMed from one centralized location.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Brian Cairy
Vice President of Marketing
Unbound Medicine
T: 610-627-9090 x238


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