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Pediatric Surgery NaT (Not a Textbook) is the first educational tool created by pediatric surgeons for pediatric surgeons featuring 200+ topics, regular updates, images, and surgical videos.

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What is Pediatric Surgery NaT?

Pediatric Surgery NaT is the premier digital resource for pediatric surgical education, training, and research. It was created as an alternative to traditional textbooks — to be current, affordable, and accessible on any device. NaT features surgical images, videos, and links to the medical literature via Prime PubMed.

Integrated Unbound Intelligence™

Unbound Medicine developed Unbound Intelligence™ (UBI) to enhance clinical decision support capabilities. UBI is a set of exclusive artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help clinicians keep up to date with current research, as well as discover and fill knowledge gaps. UBI has been integrated into Pediatric Surgery NaT so now pediatric surgeons can consult a dashboard that suggests personalized NaT topics and journal articles to ensure they are kept up-to-date and informed.

Why Pediatric Surgery NaT?

  • Anytime, anywhere access via mobile app and the web
  • Regular updates deliver the latest changes in the specialty
  • Multimedia educational experience featuring surgical images, videos, and links to medical literature
  • Authoritative guidance from more than 400 leading surgeons
  • Unbound Intelligence helps fill knowledge gaps that may have gone unrecognized.
  • Evidence-based with links to the literature as well as commentary from experts

Why Institutional Access?

  • Share trusted, consistent knowledge with all members of the surgical team
  • Increase safety in the OR with the point of need access for the whole team
  • Save money for complete, institutional-wide coverage
  • Integrate APSA Pediatric Surgical Library Topics with other trusted resources in related specialties like anesthesia, critical care, and infectious disease
  • Personalize the web and app experience using exclusive tools like Notes, Favorites, and Tagging
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A suite of clinical tools has been developed to make APSA NaT even more valuable. These tools assist with fast, point-of-care decision making and much more.


Bookmark important topics


Customize notes and highlights


Citations, abstracts, and full-text articles


Visually explore the literature


Analyze usage data

For more information contact us at:+1 (800) 230-2423Contact Us