Clinical Judgment Development

Unbound Scenarios is a next-generation educational environment within Nursing Central that helps faculty teach clinical judgment and takes students on a guided journey to gain the experience and confidence required to be a trusted nurse.

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Why Unbound Scenarios?

  • Develop clinical judgment through repetitive practice and diverse patient scenarios
  • Increase confidence for NCLEX and nursing practice with NGN-style questions
  • Engage students with interactive activities that guide, empower, and encourage
  • Apply proven teaching models to construct a well-rounded nursing mindset
  • Adapt teaching strategies with out-of-the-box activities for lecture or asynchronous learning

What Makes Unbound Scenarios Unique?

  • Integrated trusted resources in Nursing Central equip students with the knowledge needed for clinical judgment
  • Access anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and the web
  • Repetitive case progression guides students through patient data, formative activities, and NGN-style assessment questions
  • Expert guidance from a community of nurse educators helps students navigate each scenario as they practice clinical judgment
  • Interactive activities prompt students to highlight relevant cues, create and study flashcards, read integrated resources, watch videos, and answer competency questions
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Want to Join the Nurse Educator Community?

Unbound Scenarios has been made possible because nurse educators such as yourself have been willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Contribute, collaborate, or simply check it out—get involved as much or as little as you would like.

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Unbound Scenarios will help me and the rest of the faculty prepare students who are not only NCLEX ready, but practice ready.
I’m so relieved I don’t have to search for case studies and create my own activities for my class. Unbound Scenarios are ready to use and teach students how they want to learn.

Formative Activities

Learning activities are integrated into each scenario giving learners the practice they need to practice clinical judgment.

Highlight and Note

Select relevant data

Watch Video

View trusted content

Link to Resources

Read Nursing Central topics

Test Your Knowledge

Integrated NGN-style questions

Study Flashcards

Make decks to study and share

For more information contact us at:+1 (800) 230-2423Contact Us