Power the Knowledge

uPub™ is the powerful online authoring system that proves it’s easy to design, develop, manage, and distribute valuable content.

Create Publishing Opportunities

The promise of digital publishing has been elusive: projects are expensive, author training is arduous, and existing systems are inflexible and costly to alter. uPub eliminates these obstacles.

With uPub Publishers Can:
  • Design multi-purpose content to increase opportunities
  • Launch cost-effective and scalable projects—quickly
  • Build a powerhouse of innovation and productivity

Mobilize Institutional Expertise

uPub’s intuitive interface makes publication to the web and mobile apps easy—curricula, handbooks, guidelines, and more. And Unbound enriches your content through integration with trusted references.

With uPub Institutions Can
  • Share guidance, requisites, practices—anytime, anywhere
  • Improve educational impact
  • Promote consistent, quality patient care

uPub is easy for the authors of our POC-IT Guides, yet provides powerful features for creating rich, digital content.

Paul Auwaerter, MD

Editor-in-Chief Johns Hopkins POC-IT Guides

Working in uPub is a new and refreshing means of writing and editing. It is clearly the wave of the future in publishing.

J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD

Dean, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

We selected uPub to develop our comprehensive print and online Textbook based on earlier successes using this unique system.

Maureen DeRosa

Director, Marketing and Publications, American Academy of Pediatrics

For many years new interns have received a book about required rotations, patient care, the local environment. With uPub, helpful guidelines can be updated and carried in a pocket.

Stacy Potts, MD

Program Director, Family Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School