Expert Infectious Disease Guidance

Created by the leading experts in infectious disease, the Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide delivers point-of-care information and tools required by pharmacists, clinicians, and trainees to ensure the optimal use of antibiotics at your institution for the highest level of patient care.

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What is the ABX Guide?

Created by Dr. John Bartlett’s team and currently led by Dr. Paul Auwaerter, the Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide is a dynamic web and mobile resource that delivers comprehensive information about the diagnosis; drug indications, dosing, pharmacokinetics, side effects, and interactions; pathogens; management; and vaccines.

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Combine the latest antibiotic guidance with Unbound’s exclusive Local™ solution to distribute your institution’s antimicrobial stewardship guidelines, antibiograms, and recommendations.

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Why the ABX Guide?

  • Trusted resources from the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Monthly updates for the latest drug and treatment information available
  • Antibiotic stewardship program support
  • Evidence-based with links to the literature as well as commentary
  • Instantly find accurate dosage, reactions, and interaction information
  • Anytime, anywhere access
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Unbound Tools

A suite of clinical tools has been developed to make Hopkins Guides even more valuable. These tools assist with fast, point-of-care decision making and much more.


Useful integrated clinical calculators


Custom notes and highlights within entries


Citations, abstracts, and full-text from medical journals


Personalized study and review system


In-text information lookup tool

Johns Hopkins ABX Guide is highest ranked infectious disease app in recent Clinical Infectious Diseases review. Outranks Sanford Guide, Epocrates, and Medscape.
Love it and use it multiple times a day. A necessary part of my practice. Clear, concise, and up to date with great practical clinical information. 100% recommend this app.
JH is my first choice for antimicrobial recommendations for hospitalized [and] ambulatory patients. A must-have for hospital medicine.
Most of the clinicians in our institution use this reference daily. It is the most current, comprehensive, practical, and evidence-based ID resource we have found.
For more information contact us at:+1 (800) 230-2423Contact Us