Unbound’s Local Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution

A Local Solution to a Local Problem

Unbound Medicine’s exclusive Local Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution distributes your knowledge to everyone at your institution. Integrate with the #1 rated antibiotic reference to instantly create a powerful resource that will lead to better patient care, shorter hospital stays, and reduce costly medical errors.

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Local Antibiograms

Deliver your specific antibiograms and antimicrobial use algorithms on mobile devices (Apple iOS, Android) and the web. Link to related topics in the Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) for the latest information and expert recommendations.

Local Guidelines

Provide antibiotic guidelines to pharmacists and clinicians across your institution. Link to the monthly updating Johns Hopkins ABX Guide and the primary literature in PubMed for the most up-to-date support and evidence.

Local Branding

Increase visibility and usage by implementing your custom institutional branding within the application

Unbound’s Local solution made it easy to deliver our hospital’s antimicrobial information to clinicians in the format they wanted. We are now working with Unbound to deliver other types of custom content.
uPub was exactly what we were looking for. Now clinicians across the entire medical center have access to local antimicrobial information integrated with published supporting content.
Thought it would be more complicated and more expensive. Unbound was able to deliver exactly what we needed at a lower price than we thought.
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