Local Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution

A Customized, Local Solution

Unbound Medicine’s exclusive Local for Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs (ASP) empowers institutions to distribute local knowledge via the web and mobile devices. Integrate with the #1 rated Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide to create a solution that supports better patient care, shorter hospital stays, and reductions in costly medical errors.
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What is Local for Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs?

Created to support antimicrobial stewardship programs, Unbound Medicine’s Local Solution enables institutions to easily and affordably distribute custom antibiograms and guidelines throughout their organizations. Utilize local branding within the app and on the web to increase visibility and use by prescribers and other healthcare professionals.


Why Local?

  • Affordable options to fit different budgets and needs
  • Easy to use, intuitive platform
  • Local branding helps to designate local information
  • Update local antibiograms and guidelines as needed
  • Mobile and web availability
  • Easy implementation for institutions of all sizes
  • Evidence-based information from the experts at Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide

The official Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide from Johns Hopkins Medicine features frequently updated, authoritative, evidence-based information on the treatment of infectious diseases to help prescribers make decisions at the point of care. Easily integrate with local antibiotic guidance to create a powerful, customized solution.

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