Next Generation Nursing Education

Nursing Central is a fully integrated learning and teaching platform promoting knowledge application aiding in the development of clinical judgment skills.

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What is Nursing Central?

Why Nursing Central?


Unbound Scenarios is a next-generation education environment that helps faculty teach clinical judgment using case-based learning.

  • Develop clinical judgment using real-life patient scenarios, learning activities, and integrated guidance
  • Guide students through a variety of interactive actvities to empower and encourage as they learn
  • Increase NCLEX pass rates with integrated NGN-style questions
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The Nursing Central platform integrates a carefully curated set of trusted clinical resources with unique teaching and learning tools. Choose from any combination of resources to lead next-generation learners into nursing practice.

  • Stay up to date with the latest drug information to help administer medications safely
  • Find answers quickly by searching the integrated drug, lab, disease, and medical terminology resources
  • Provide safe and effective patient care by always having answers to your clinical questions on the Nursing Central mobile app and on the web
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A suite of clinical tools has been developed to make Nursing Central even more valuable. These tools provide the ability for individualized self-assessment and learning, improvement in point-of-need decision-making, and much more.

  • Calculate and ensure product safety with useful integrated dosing and IV calculations
  • Note and highlight helps students stay organized and more efficient
  • Study with the exclusive Grasp flashcard study system


Useful integrated clinical calculators


Custom notes and highlights within entries


Citations, abstracts and full-text from medical journals


Personalized study and review system


The in-text information lookup tool

For more information contact us at:+1 (800) 230-2423Contact Us
As a nurse educator, I use it to help students develop clinical reasoning skills, judgment skills, and safe decision-making.
The crosslinks help students make fast connections between disease, treatment, and nursing care.
Nursing Central goes beyond being a clinical reference by providing multiple tools to help students study, stay organized, research primary evidence, and provide safer patient care.
For more information contact us at:+1 (800) 230-2423Contact Us