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View general information about how Unbound Medicine products work on mobile/tablet devices and the web. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check our platform-specific FAQs.

I downloaded the "free" application but don’t have a username/password.

Our applications are listed as "free" since we offer a preview of the application before making your purchase. The preview includes limited access to the content and layout of the application. If you would like to access the full content, a purchase is necessary through the Unbound Medicine Store or within your App Store.

How many devices may I use to access my purchase?

Our products are licensed for use on a single mobile device, a single tablet device, and web access on any internet source (for select products).

I don’t remember my username/password.

Select the "Forgot your username?" or "Forgot your password" option. If your account is not recognized you may have skipped the registration process. Please contact support with purchase details to receive further instructions.

What happens when the subscription expires?

Once the subscription expires, the application will remain useable on the last device to which it was installed; we will not remove it. A renewal is necessary if you wish to have the latest content updates, web access or the ability to transfer the software to a new device. If you are experiencing trouble accessing the same information on an expired account with the same device, please contact our support team at your earliest convenience.

I purchased the product through one platform (iOS/Android) and want to switch to a different platform now.

Applications purchased through third party application stores cannot be transferred to another operating system platform. Only purchases made directly through Unbound Medicine can be transferred across platforms.

The payment and subscription have been accepted by a specific store and cannot be transferred to a product which runs on a different platform, as the app stores do not honor competitor purchases.

Renewing or upgrading my product

We will contact you by email a few days prior to your subscription expiration or when upgrades to a product are available. You can renew through the email or through your application by selecting the "Renew Now" option within the drop down menu.

Installing my product to a new device

Users with an active subscription purchased through our online store can move the Unbound product from one device to another by deleting the software from the old device and following the proper installation instructions for the new device. If you previously installed the mobile application for your subscription to more than two devices, it will be necessary to contact our Support team to have your account switched to the new device.

Please select the new device type for installation instructions.



Please note that purchases made through the App Store or Google Play cannot be transferred to a device that uses a different operating system from the device on which the purchase was made.

Can I download the application to my computer/laptop?

Our mobile applications cannot be installed to a computer/laptop, as they are created for the operating systems of mobile and tablet devices. Many of our subscription titles include access via the web. If the subscription product you purchased includes web access, it will be listed within our companion websites. If you have a current subscription, you will be able to access the latest information on the corresponding companion website from any device with a browser and an active network connection.

Accessing Companion Websites

Several Unbound Medicine products include companion websites which are available from any computer, laptop or device with internet access. To see if your product includes a companion website, click here. Our companion websites give you full access to the content of your product as long as your subscription is current. If your subscription to any product is no longer current, please renew it to view the most up to date medical information available.

How do I use Grasp™?

Grasp™ is a mobile and web study solution that uses a proven learning method to help you master unfamiliar concepts or prepare for an exam. Grasp users can build decks on the web using content from trusted resources.

Click here to learn more about creating and sharing flashcards with the Grasp Study System.

What is Glimpse™?

Glimpse™ is a feature included with the Nursing Central, Davis’s Drug Guide and Taber’s Medical Dictionary that allows you to look up definitions and information without leaving the record.

To use Glimpse, simply highlight the word you want to define. A definition box will appear next to the highlighted word on the web. A pop up will appear on your mobile/tablet device and you can tap the "Glimpse" option to see the definition of the word.

How do I cite information?

A citation can quickly be created using the web component* of the application. From within a topic, select the quotation marks symbol in the upper right hand corner of the application. You can also choose the style format including the Modern Language Association (MLA), the American Psychological Association (APA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and Vancouver that publish guidelines on referencing electronic products. These guidelines often change as new technologies are released. Unbound Medicine recommends visiting the MLA or APA websites for the most current guidance on referencing an electronic resource and also confirming with the person you are submitting the work to ensure the proper citing technique is being applied.

*Please Note: This feature is currently offered for products that include a web component (See companion websites).