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This section is the easiest way to find answers about our Android products. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please contact Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what Unbound users ask most about our products for Android.

How do I manage the subscription that I purchased through the Play Store using my Google Play account?

Subscription applications, including free trials, purchased through the Play Store automatically renew via a default setting within each user’s Google Play account. Users must disable this renewal feature within their individual Google Play account in order to avoid the automatic renewal of their ongoing subscription. Instructions on how to manage the subscription auto-renewal feature within your Google Play account can be found on Google’s Support page.

Unbound Medicine offers a 30-day free trial on select titles for users who download from the Play Store. This trial uses the standard trial and subscription parameters as created by Google. At the end of the free trial, the user’s Google Play account will automatically renew the subscription for a period of one year unless this feature is disabled. This charge will be applied by the Google. Google has its own policies regarding the purchase and return of applications purchased through the Play Store. Users seeking to cancel a purchase through Google Play should refer to Google’s Play Store policies and contact Google Support to discuss their purchase.

How can I purchase Unbound Medicine products for my Android phone or tablet?

Applications can be purchased through the Unbound Medicine website or through the Google Play Store. Products purchased through our website can be accessed across platforms (both iOS and Android devices), however purchases made through the Google Play Store can only be installed to Android devices.

How do I create a username and password for my account?

Once a purchase has been completed through our website, a confirmation page will appear. You have the option to "Setup your Account" on the confirmation page (next to the product icon). From this link you can create the username and password, which will allow you to complete the download to your device.

If you should miss this link or prefer to create this information at a later time, please refer back to the registration email. You will receive 2 emails (a receipt confirmation of your purchase, as well as a separate registration email). This email is sent once the purchase is complete, and contains a link to register your account. If you are not seeing the email in your inbox, also check a spam/junk folder or contact the Unbound Medicine support team for further assistance.

If you have a serial number, you can visit our redemption website to register your account.

If your purchase was made through the Google Play Store, the application should begin updating right away and will not need a username or password on your device. Instead your purchase is recognized through your Google Play account and can be located in your My Apps & Games list.

I want to transfer a product from my old device to a new Android phone or tablet. How can I do this?

To transfer devices you must have an active subscription. Users with expired subscriptions must renew the subscription to transfer it to a new device. Our products are licensed for use by one individual on a smartphone and one tablet at a time.

If you have purchased a product from the Unbound Medicine store, please visit the Google Play Store to download your product, select install and sign in with your username and password.

Users who have purchased through the Play Store and need to reinstall, should revisit their My Apps & Games list within the Google Play Store on their mobile device to download again.

How do I update the content on my Unbound Medicine application?

On your Android device, open the Unbound Medicine application. From the main screen, locate the menu option (which appears as a series of three lines), displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The three lines will drop down to a menu, giving you the option to "Update Content."

I received a message that states "Account in use." Who should I contact?

This message is generated when the software has been installed on more than one device. Please contact the support team to resolve this matter.

How do I delete the application on my Android device?

Before reinstalling the application, it must be removed from the internal memory. Start by deleting the data stored on the memory card.

Step 1: Delete the Content

1. Open the Settings on your device

2. Select Apps or Applications, then choose the application

3. Select Storage, then "Clear Data/Force Stop" from the next screen

4. Press the back arrow and select Uninstall

Step 2: Reinstall the Application

To reinstall the software, visit the Google Play Store on your device. Once in the Play Store, select your product then install. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection before loading. If your purchase was made through the Google Play Store, you can redownload through your My Apps & Games list. If your purchase was made through our website, you can "Sign In" with your username and password.

Can I access Unbound Medicine products on my Computer or Laptop?

You can view a complete listing of our product websites here. Please note that you must have an active subscription to access product websites.

Can I install Unbound products on my Kindle Fire?

We offer a select list of products for the Kindle Fire. Below is a list of available products.

Nursing Central
Relief Central

For more information on these products or to purchase, please select the link above or visit the Amazon Shop on your Kindle Fire.

My question does not appear in the FAQ. Where should I go for help?

If you do not see your question in our FAQ, please contact our support team.


Learn about registering and downloading your Android product.


Begin the registration process here if your purchase was made through our website.

If your purchase was made through the Google Play Store, you will see the option to "Register for Technical Support" before the application begins downloading. If you miss this option, you can uninstall and redownload the application from your My Apps & Games list.

Download and Installation

Search for "Unbound Medicine" or a specific product title in the Google Play Store. Select Install.

Using the Application

View details on our product features and find out about tips and tricks for your Unbound Android product.

Home Screen

The home screen displays your available content. Some applications contain more than one content channel. If so, open the desired resource by selecting it from the list.


We recommend that you sync your device often to ensure that you have the most up-to-date content. To sync your device, return to the application’s home screen, then tap the menu option (which shows as a series of three lines) in the upper left corner. Select "Update Content", then "OK" once the content is up to date.

Jump To

To find an entry quickly and to avoid scrolling through an entire index, use the Jump To feature. From the Index screen, tap the "Jump to..." text box located near the top of the screen. Begin typing the word you’d like to find. The list will automatically scroll to the location in the index that matches the characters you type.


The Unbound™ Platform allows you to mark important information as a Favorite so you can return to it easily at any time. To view a list of your Favorite records, tap the Favorites entry at the top of your list of resources on the home screen. (You must have at least one favorite for the Favorites entry to appear).

Note: Tapping on the application icon will bring up a list of available content and your Favorites.

To create a Favorite, first navigate to the record you’d like to reference. Next, simply press the star icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Once you press the star icon, you will momentarily see a message confirming which record you’ve added.

The highlighted star remains and indicates that the record is now a Favorite.

To remove a Favorite
, return to the record and simply press the star again, returning the star to blue (as above).

Cross Links

Unbound Medicine’s Cross Links feature enables you to access related content across the application’s resources.

This feature will only appear when linked resources are available. If a linked resource is available, you’ll see the Cross Links icon (opposite pointing arrows) appear in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the icon and you’ll be presented with a new screen which lists all available Cross Links. The icon appearing next to each entry identifies the linked resource. To return to the original resource, use the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Selecting a Resource

The home screen lists your available content. To open a resource, simply tap and select that entry. Also, keep in mind that several Unbound Medicine applications allow you to edit your list of resources by logging into the companion website.

: The reader works with the navigational features of your Android-based device to help you quickly locate the information you need:

  • Use the touchscreen to scroll, to select resources, etc.
  • To follow your path backwards, use your device’s back arrow.
  • Return to the home screen by tapping the house icon.

Selecting an Index

A resource may be organized by multiple indexes, all of which you will find displayed in a list. To select a particular index, simply tap its title.

Selecting an Entry

To find an entry quickly, use the touchscreen to scroll or the "Jump to" feature as described above. To select an entry, tap its title.

Viewing a Record

Depending on the content, multiple subsections may be available when viewing a record. To jump to a particular subsection, click on the sections icon at the top right corner to see a list of available subsections. Tap the desired subsection. The section you are currently viewing will be highlighted in yellow. To return to the record page, use the back button. To select a new page simply tap its title.