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We can craft a custom solution that fits your institutional needs, regardless of size.
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Hospitals or Health Systems

Point-of-need references from Unbound Medicine give your physicians, nurses, students, and trainees access to important clinical information on smartphones, tablets, and the web.

Learn about our up-to-date, affordable references for your hospital or healthcare system. Then, contact us to talk about our flexible solutions, including site licenses and group purchase discounts.

Featured Solution


uCentral™ is our point-of-need mobile + web application for institutions that integrates literature search and tracking with a range of references to create a custom product for your hospital or health system. Learn more.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary for Mobile + Web

Taber’s Medical Dictionary, the best-selling health sciences dictionary, puts over 60,000 medical terms and 1,000 images and photos in your hospital or health system. The added Glimpse™ feature lets users quickly define unfamiliar in-text terms. Taber’s Medical Dictionary also includes access to MEDLINE Journals for searching and accessing journal articles.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary is available as a web-only product for hospital and health systems or as an integrated mobile and web product.

Visit to experience Taber’s Medical Dictionary.

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