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uCentral Content

uCentral is Unbound Medicine’s customizable solution for institutions. Below are our available titles beginning with our exclusive titles.

EXCLUSIVE: Johns Hopkins ABX Guide

The official Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide from Johns Hopkins Medicine features up-to-date, authoritative, evidence-based information on the treatment of infectious diseases to help you make decisions at the point of care. This comprehensive web and mobile resource organizes details of diagnosis into easily accessible, quick-read entries.

EXCLUSIVE: Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide

The official Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide from Johns Hopkins Medicine contains up-to-date, evidence-based, clinical decision support information for diabetes. The Diabetes Guide contains recommendations on management, complications, and medications and features review details on tests, complications, drugs, and management with expert editor comments.

EXCLUSIVE: Johns Hopkins HIV Guide

The official Johns Hopkins HIV Guide from the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine delivers the latest authoritative support information on HIV diagnosis, management, and relevant medications. Clinicians can consult The HIV Guide to find answers fast about opportunistic infections, malignancies, complications, related drugs, and therapy guidelines at the point of care.

EXCLUSIVE: Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Guide

The official Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Guide provides quick-read recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases. Complex topics have been consolidated into need-to-know information consistent with the latest DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. This is the ideal resource for all healthcare professionals treating patients with mental health disorders.

EXCLUSIVE: Nephrology Guide of the Massachusetts General Hospital

The Nephrology Guide of the Massachusetts General Hospital is an up-to-date, quick reference for the diagnosis and management of patients with acute and chronic kidney disease as well as common electrolyte and acid-base disorders. Developed for generalists (students, residents, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, & physician assistants) as well as nephrology fellows, attendings, and dialysis nurses.

EXCLUSIVE: Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility

This resource provides concise, actionable answers faced in daily practice. This valuable guide has been used by a wide range of women’s health clinicians, including students, residents, physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses for over 25 years. Key information is presented for quick reference using over 600 tables, figures, and algorithms. Updated regularly.

EXCLUSIVE: Osler Medicine Survival Guide

The Osler Survival Guide serves as a practical reference for various clinical problems encountered during residency and in a medical career. This resource carefully distills complex material into need-to-know information helping healthcare professionals raise the standards of care and improve patient safety.

EXCLUSIVE: Pediatric Surgery NaT

From presentation to procedures to long-term outcomes, the Pediatric Surgery NaT resource keeps the current general surgical care of children at your fingertips. Designed for both practicing and in-training pediatric surgeons, this powerful resource is updated quarterly so you’ll know what strategies, techniques, and procedures are being used right now.

EXCLUSIVE: Disaster Nursing

Prepare for public health emergencies with expert coverage of almost every disaster situation. Disaster Nursing provides guidelines for how to manage natural and man-made disasters, infectious disease epidemics, and more. Entries include the details for dealing with each situation and can be downloaded directly to a mobile device and accessed without an internet connection.

5-Minute Clinical Consult

5-Minute Clinical Consult delivers fast, to-the-point guidance on diagnosis and treatment of more than 1,000 medical conditions. It contains all of the information you need to provide quality care to your patients including diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and patient teaching.

5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult

5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult puts over 600 medical conditions encountered in emergency situations at your fingertips. Written by authorities in the field of emergency medicine, each entry is formatted in a proven, rapid-access format so you can quickly search medical conditions, confirm a diagnosis, and begin treatment.

5-Minute Pediatric Consult

5-Minute Pediatric Consult provides guidance on nearly 450 diseases in a quick-read format, enabling you to make medical decisions in the treatment of infants, children, and adolescents. It features over 100 tables for easy comparison, medical indices, glossaries, and parent Q&As.

5-Minute Sports Medicine Consult

5-Minute Sports Medicine Consult delivers fast, to-the-point, evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related medical problems to mobile devices. This clinically-oriented resource includes more than 280 updated topics organized in the proven “5-Minute” format to help you quickly diagnose, treat, and monitor sports-related conditions.

Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy

Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy presents the vast details of anatomy and physiology in an enjoyable, user-friendly style. Featuring light-hearted humor, the resource reviews core concepts and offers coverage of every major body system, detailed anatomical figures and illustrations, short quizzes for progress evaluation, and more.

Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking

Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking is a quick-reference guide for taking a detailed patient health history and conducting a thorough physical examination. Extensive use of images and tables along with an emphasis on evidence-based information make this mobile resource a must-have for health professionals.

Bright Futures

Bright Futures offers The American Academy of Pediatrics’ authoritative guidelines for pediatric well care, including recommendations on immunizations, routine screenings, and anticipatory guidance. Centered around 10 themes common to all stages of child development, the latest Edition places emphasis on promoting mental health and maintaining a healthy weight.

CDC Health Information for International Travel (The Yellow Book)

The Yellow Book presents up-to-date advice on any travel health issue including vaccinations, essential trip planning and safety tips, prevention of an expanded list of travel-related infectious diseases, altitude illness, motion sickness, sunburn, medical tourism, and much more.

Clinical Anesthesia Procedures

Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital includes proven guidelines in a fast read format for preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative anesthesia procedures. It emphasizes the clinical fundamentals needed for safe pre-, intra-, and post-operative patient care.

Cochrane Abstracts Database

Cochrane Abstracts are summaries of the most up-to-date reviews of research findings for hundreds of therapeutic interventions. Each review details all of the evidence surrounding a type of medical treatment, providing clinicians with new information that can influence healthcare decisions. Cochrane Abstracts are updated monthly.

Davis’s Drug Guide

Davis’s Drug Guide delivers up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical information on over 5,000 trade name and generic drugs. This powerful resource contains everything you need to provide premium care to your patients including information on dosing and administration, safety, interactions, patient teaching, and much more.

Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests is a nursing-focused reference that puts hundreds of useful laboratory and diagnostic test monographs at your fingertips on smartphones and tablets. Each entry delivers information on how the test works, how to accurately interpret results, and how to provide the best care to your patients before, during, and after a test.

Dermatology DDx

Dermatology DDx features hundreds of high-resolution images of common skin conditions. Download to your mobile device to accurately diagnose and treat dermatologic disorders with confidence at the point of care.

Diseases & Disorders

Diseases and Disorders delivers complete, updated coverage of more than 250 medical conditions encountered in nursing practice so you can quickly find the information you need to plan and deliver patient care. Practical recommendations are supported by concise descriptions of how the human body is altered by disease and clear rationales for medications and tests.

Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter™

Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter® is an unbiased mobile resource that lets you search for multiple drugs, see all interactions, and review and research options for safe drug administration. Start by searching for drugs by both generic and brand name and add them to a list has been built into the app. All known interactions between all selected drugs can then be sorted alphabetically or by significance.

DSM-5™ Differential Diagnosis Handbook

The DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis Handbook helps users narrow down an accurate psychiatric diagnosis. Built-in interactive decision trees make finding a diagnosis a step-by-step process of asking yes or no questions. The trusted 6-step process and latest DSM-5 classifications from the American Psychiatric Association make this a must-have tool for all clinicians and students.

Essential Evidence Plus POEMS (formerly InfoPOEMs)

Essential Evidence Plus POEMs (Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters) delivers new evidence that is especially relevant to patient care. Each new POEM is reviewed for accuracy and graded for relevancy before release, so you can apply the best research findings to your clinical practice. View new POEMs daily as they are delivered or search the archive by date or title.

Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines

Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines (EBMG) features nearly 1,000 clinical guidelines including diagnosis, treatment, and more than 3,000 evidence summaries that support each recommendation. EBMG includes an image library of over 1,000 images, as well as an extensive video collection. EBMG is updated quarterly.

Field Operations Guide

The Field Operations Guide from USAID delivers disaster assessment and response information and includes chapters and appendices ranging from information on populations at risk to commonly used acronyms, all arranged in an outline format.

Guide to Diagnostic Tests

Guide to Diagnostic Tests provides evidence-based recommendations on the selection and interpretation of laboratory, imaging, and microbiology tests. Including more than 450 updated diagnostic tests, this handy reference is ideal for answering questions encountered daily by physicians, nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals.

Gynecology and Obstetrics: Johns Hopkins Manual

The Gynecology and Obstetrics: Johns Hopkins Manual provides on-the-spot answers to obstetrical and gynecological questions. This trusted and comprehensive resource includes basic and high-risk obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and a full range of gynecologic diseases and oncology.

Harriet Lane Handbook

The Harriet Lane Handbook is an authoritative resource for interns, residents, and pediatricians that helps answer clinical questions and improve the care of children. Recently updated with 22nd edition content, it includes a renowned drug formulary with dosing, side effects, interactions, precautions, and special considerations for treating infants, children, and adolescents.

Harrison’s Manual of Medicine

Harrison’s Manual of Medicine provides concise and up-to-date clinical guidance from the editors of the leading reference text in internal medicine, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. With more than 400 figures and tables, each of the 600+ topics includes the essentials of disease background, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and practice guidelines.

ICD-10-CM Coding Guide

The ICD-10-CM Coding Guide is a powerful resource, developed by Unbound Medicine, that features the latest ICD-10-CM data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This premium mobile app helps to quickly identify the most appropriate code directly on a mobile device using rapid search by code, disease, injury, drug, or keyword.

Elsevier’s Intravenous Medications

Intravenous Medications contain everything needed for the safe and effective administration of IV drugs. Avoid errors by using comprehensive monographs with detailed information including dosage, administration, contraindications, precautions, interactions, antidotes, and a built-in dilution calculator.

Manual of Clinical Oncology

Manual of Clinical Oncology is a practical guide that provides concise information needed in the management of cancer. This popular resource aids in the decision-making process by presenting basic principles along with diagnosis and treatment options for specific malignancies.

McGraw-Hill Medical’s Diagnosaurus®

Diagnosaurus® is a valuable quick reference tool that contains over 1,000 differential diagnoses. Now available for multiple mobile platforms, this application helps healthcare professionals reach accurate diagnoses with speed and confidence at the point of care.

Mont Reid Surgical Handbook

The Mont Reid Surgical Handbook has been a trusted resource by and for surgical residents for more than 25 years, providing guidance on surgical conditions and basic procedures. It contains the guidance needed to overcome the challenges encountered during surgical residency.

Mosby’s Drug Reference

Trusted by healthcare professionals for over 25 years, Mosby’s Drug Reference provides detailed drug monographs containing easy-to-understand information for finding answers fast, administering medications safely, eliminating errors, and improving patient care.


NCLEX-PN Quest is the easiest, most convenient way to study for the NCLEX-PN exam. Different test modes allow students to choose a form of study that works best for them. Rationales are provided for both correct and incorrect answers enhancing knowledge of the NCLEX content. Give your students access to 1,000 NCLEX-style questions inside of their personalized bundle.


NCLEX-RN Quest provides confidence with multiple study modes available, presents rationales with links to related topics, and allows students to study on the go, as no Internet is required for access. Combine NCLEX-RN Quest with your bundle to engage your students as they prepare for the NCLEX exam.

Nurses’ Handbook of Health Assessment

Nurses’ Handbook of Health Assessment puts details for assessing adults, children, and special populations at your fingertips. This mobile resource guides students and nurses through the first stage of patient care, helping them determine actual and potential problems and create a plan for care.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions, and Rationales

Nurse’s Pocket Guide provides the necessary information to look up the signs and symptoms of medical conditions, link directly to the associated nursing diagnoses, and develop appropriate plans of care. This quick-reference resource includes the latest NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses and interventions arranged by priority in a convenient outline format.

Pagana: Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference

Mosby’s latest Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference features new and updated guidance for all of the essential tests that are seen by a healthcare professional. Each test monograph features up-to-date recommendations for preparation, procedures, collection techniques, result interpretation, and much more.

Pocket ICU

Pocket ICU, featuring content from the highly regarded Pocket Notebook series, provides users with an essential tool for quickly locating information from every subspecialty area of critical care. Entries have been written by attending physicians and are presented in a brief but broad format so anyone in an ICU setting can quickly find answers and save time.

Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment (QMDT)

QMDT serves as an effective diagnosis and evidence-based treatment tool on the go. Discover 950+ topics with concise yet sufficient coverage of key features, clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, evidence, and references with linked literature. Updated annually and reasonably priced, this practical resource gives expert information when you only have a few minutes.

Red Book®

Authored by the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases, Red Book® is the authority on pediatric infectious diseases. The 31st edition provides evidence-based guidance to practicing clinicians on pediatric infections and vaccinations based on the recommendations of the committee as well as the combined expertise of the CDC, the FDA, and hundreds of physician contributors. The latest edition includes standardized approaches to disease prevention through immunizations, antimicrobial prophylaxis, and infection-control practices.

RNotes®: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide

RNotes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide is a quick-reference application that delivers the latest clinically-focused nursing information, helping you answer questions and improve patient care. RNotes include full-color images, tables, and charts to reinforce key concepts. The new edition also helps you prepare for the NCLEX examinations by noting topics covered on the exam.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Taber’s Medical Dictionary defines more terms than any other health science dictionary. With over 75,000 entries, 1,300 illustrations, 130 videos, and 33,700 integrated audio pronunciations, the 24th edition of Taber’s is the most complete medical dictionary available today.

Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills Handbook

Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills Handbook delivers 180+ basic and advanced nursing skills at the point-of-care. Easily locate a particular skill and follow step-by-step instructions on your smartphone and tablet.


Prime PubMed delivers citations and abstracts from your choice of trusted medical journals to your mobile device. Link directly to related articles and view full text provided by the journal publisher.

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics provides access to practical clinical recommendations for residents and senior medical students. Use this mobile database to quickly diagnose and treat patients with hundreds of common medical conditions.

The World Factbook

The World Factbook from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contains detailed information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world countries and territories.


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