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We can craft a custom solution that fits your institutional needs, regardless of size.
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Nursing Schools

Our point-of-care clinical solutions for nursing schools are flexible and include site licenses and group purchase discounts. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution for your specific school.


Featured Solution

Nursing Central™

Our most popular clinical application for nursing schools, Nursing Central™, helps students and nurses find answers quickly with four integrated references and a literature tracking resource. Up-to-date disease, test, drug, and medical terminology information is easy to access on mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android phone, Android tablet, and on the web.

With Nursing Central, students can search content channels using Universal Index Search, then link to related information with Cross Links, define in-text terms with Glimpse™, and create study decks to review and share with Grasp™. Using Favorites, students can save specific entries for quick recall when preparing treatment plans or caring for patients.

Nursing Central includes

  • 5,000 trade name and generic drugs in Davis’s Drug Guide
  • 65,000+ terms in Taber’s Medical Dictionary
  • Complete coverage of 250 diseases in Diseases and Disorders
  • 400 test entries in Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
  • Access to your institution’s medical and nursing journals

See Nursing Central on a mobile device here.

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uCentral™ for nursing schools lets you create a custom selection of mobile and web references with access to Unbound Prime for the classroom, clinical, and beyond. Learn more.

Institutional Publishing

Add local knowledge by including your institution’s own content for dissemination to students and staff. With uPub™, Unbound Medicine’s online authoring and content management system, your team has a versatile environment for designing, authoring, updating, and publishing locally generated content such as, curricula, handbooks, guidelines, and newsfeeds. Sophisticated but easy-to-use online tools support maintenance and integration of your material with the references you select for uCentral or Nursing Central.

Taber’s Online

Taber’s Online, the best-selling health sciences dictionary for the web, puts over 60,000 medical terms and 1,000 clinical images and illustrations at each student’s fingertips. Glimpse™ lets students quickly define unfamiliar in-text terms. Taber’s Online also includes instant search with Unbound Prime for immediate access to the journal literature.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary is also available for mobile + web in Nursing Central or uCentral.

Visit to experience Taber’s Online.

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If you don’t see a specific option here that interests you, please contact us. We can work with you to tailor a solution from our individual products.


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